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ABC’s First Tuesday Book Club has compiled this list with viewer assistance, and it was brought to my attention by fellow #reverb12 blogger Dani. The full list of the best Aussie books actually runs to 50 so I figure, what the hell, I’ll challenge myself to the full list!

We’ve been living in Australia for three years now, and in a little over 12 months my family and I will become Australian citizens, so it is high time I broadened my literary knowledge of our new home country.

I do love a list with one item that can be crossed off straight away, and happily I have already quite recently read The Slap by Christos Tsoilkas.

And so begins my Australian literary journey!

  1. Cloudstreet – Tim Winton
  2. The Book Thief – Markus Zusak
  3. A Fortunate Life – A.B. Facey
  4. The Harp in the South – Ruth Park
  5. The Power of One – Bryce Courtenay
  6. Jasper Jones – Craig Silvey
  7. The Magic Pudding – Norman Lindsay
  8. The Slap – Christos Tsiolkas
  9. The Secret River – Kate Grenville
  10. Picnic at Hanging Rock – Joan Lindsay
  11. Seven Little Australians – Ethel Turner
  12. My Brother Jack – George Johnston
  13. My Brilliant Career – Miles Franklin
  14. True History of the Kelly Gang – Peter Carey
  15. Eucalyptus – Murray Bail
  16. Power Without Glory – Frank Hardy
  17. The Broken Shore – Peter Temple
  18. Monkey Grip – Helen Garner
  19. The Riders – Tim Winton
  20. The Tree of Man – Patrick White
  21. The Fatal Shore – Robert Hughes
  22. Unreliable Memoirs – Clive James
  23. The Tall Man – Chloe Hooper
  24. The Man Who Loved Children – Christina Stead
  25. The Dressmaker – Rosalie Ham
  26. The Fortunes of Richard Mahoney – Henry Handel Richardson
  27. The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith – Thomas Keneally
  28. Capricornia – Xavier Herbert
  29. Wake in Fright – Kenneth Cooke
  30. Ransom – David Malouf
  31. The Year of Living Dangerously – C.J. Koch
  32. The First Stone – Helen Garner
  33. Gallipoli – Alan Moorehead
  34. Maestro – Peter Goldsworthy
  35. The Monkey’s Mask – Dorothy Porter
  36. Wanting – Richard Flanagan
  37. Come In Spinner – Dymphna Cusack & Florence James
  38. Grand Days – Frank Moorhouse
  39. 1788 – Watkin Tench
  40. It’s Raining in Mango – Thea Astley
  41. Riders in the Chariot – Patrick White
  42. Carpentaria – Alexis Wright
  43. The Tyranny of Distance – Geoffrey Blainey
  44. That Deadman Dance – Kim Scott
  45. For Love Alone – Christina Stead
  46. An Intruder’s Guide to East Arnhem Land – Andrew McMillan
  47. The Life – Malcolm Knox
  48. The Watcher on the Cast-Iron Balcony – Hal Porter
  49. Here’s Luck – Lennie Lower
  50. Visitants – Randolph Stow

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  1. Natural New Age Mum | Reply

    Oohhh … great list – I will add some of those. Some I have read and adored. I particularly will recommend to you Cloudstreet (and the miniseries), Picnic at Hanging Rock, Jasper Jones and Seven Little Australians (have loved this one since I was a kid). Enjoy!!! 🙂

    1. Cheers! Now I have finally finished my first book of the year perhaps there will be no stopping me 😉

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