Facebook Disconnect

Over breakfast this morning I read an article in Wellbeing magazine (February 2011) about mindful eating. My relationship with food and body image is something I’ll leave for another time because what really struck me today was the following:

The fastest way to increase your awareness of yourself, your moods and those around you is to switch off electronically and from information sources.

I immediately thought of my relationship with Facebook. Most of my IRL social life is organised via Facebook groups so it would be impractical disconnect myself completely. However,  I also spend a lot of time just browsing and commenting and basically, well, timewasting. In fact I daren’t work out how many hours a day I spend on it if I include my late night browsing through sewing groups and joining in mummy chat. I had already checked in before breakfast but resolved not to touch it again until late afternoon. I didn’t suffer overly and got a lot more done that I would have otherwise – but when I logged in at 4pm WHOOOOSH I was sucked right in and before I knew it a whole half hour was gone, on nothing in particular. Being mindful of this morning’s reading I shut the machine down completely and haven’t been back in since. I’ll check for updates on tomorrow’s scheduled mothers group event, but I will not take my phone to bed and browse.

My goal is to limit Facebook to 20 minutes morning and evening, which is still way to much when I see it there in black and white, but it’s a start. It’s time to become more mindful of how I spend my precious time!


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