Friday Travel Photo – Laos

Friday Travel Photo

Luang Prabang, Laos


2 responses

  1. Just popped over to say hi.

    I see what you mean about actively not marketing your blog, but that is in itself a position that you are taking, your values, your brand, not in a yukky commercial way but from a theoretical marketing discussion. You give me the option to share this post with my networks, to use online word of mouth to grow your blog. You have carefully picked an image to use at the top of your blog to represent you. I don’t mean this as negative, or to be confrontational about things, it is just nearly impossible to find a blog that does not use some basic rules of marketing at some level.

  2. Hi Claire, when I think marketing, I think money, and in terms of mummy blogs I think sponsors, giveaways & traffic, which is so not what I am about here. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about marketing theory, and I see you have a degree in marketing, so I guess we are coming at Jodie’s post ( from completely different angles 🙂

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