There’s a buzz buzz buzz in the meadow…

Only those with toddlers will get that reference to a kids program full of, you guessed it, busy bees! Family life has made a very busy bee of me and sometimes I feel quite overwhelmed by the amount of things I have going on. I have chosen to  add things to my schedule though, because I know I’ll be better off for it, and as an extension of that, my family will be happier. One of these is my decision to start a party planning business, which I officially launched yesterday. It was so much fun!! I know I’m going to love doing it, and hopefully make some money too, obviously! It’s more work than I thought it would be though, and that means that if my new venture is going to work without adversely affecting our little family unit, I need to be more organised than ever before. More lists!!

I also know that I need to stay grounded, which is where my quiet Buddhist journey comes in. I’m still reading, still learning, and still doing my level best to stay mindful in the midst of all the things I have going on right now, both the exciting and the more mundane. I know that the answers to my general discontent lie in this direction, so I intend to stay calm, breathe deep, keep posting to stay focussed – and enjoy the ride!


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