The Electronic Babysitter

Have decided that Miss M (almost 18 months) is watching too much TV. Read a book some months ago about the great evils of telly for Little People, but it was way too extreme in my opinion. I don’t think a small amount of monitored, carefully chosen TV is dangerous. However, if I’m honest her amount of ABC2 viewing time has been creeping up since she started watching childrens programmes about 5 months ago. And then I was reading this morning that any more than 15 minutes at a time for the under-2s can just melt their little brains, which makes sense – I’ve seen how zombified Miss M is after 15 minutes of In The Night Garden. Cute, kinda. But then again…I also know that I’m guilty of using the Goggle Box as an electronic babysitter on occasion, something I swore (like everyone who’s never had any children) that I would never do. So, today we just had about 15 minutes all in. Miss M only demanded it once and after being denied, she quickly forgot about it, whereas I found it a little harder to do without that bit of downtime when she is completely focussed on Jimmy Giggle and I can get some other stuff done. Which is a lesson in itself.  We also spent more quality time together reading and playing that we would usually – oh my god why am I denying us both that just so we can have a cleaner house?? On reflection, very silly. No more!!


2 responses

  1. Here’s a very good (evidence based) video on the subject ….

    Personally I think TV is bad for all of us, and I recommend just throwing it away!

    Seriously, life is sooooooo much better without one 🙂

    1. I’m not sure I could go completely cold turkey but thanks for the share, I will go and have a look 🙂

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