To Waldorfschule, or not to Waldorfschule…

The Steiner (AKA Waldorf) discussion continues. I’ve been attending the evening study group for a couple of weeks now and have listened to some quite mind-boggling concepts e.g. the child’s arms must be correct length to go into Year One at age seven, which taken out of context is quite shall we say challenging; and also some political rants e.g. there is no reason to even step through the doors of the evil Coles. I’ve worked hard on keeping an open mind and have been speaking to many other people too, not just the hardcore extremists – who have by the way been very kind and welcoming, they just sound pretty bonkers to the uninitiated! In study group we are reading Theosophy by Rudolf Steiner, and talking about the spirit world, reincarnation, karma and destiny. All of which is fascinating to me in relation to my personal journey at present, but I am assured that it’s not taught to the children, which I am happy about as I don’t want any kind of beliefs forced on my child.

I’ve been reading about Art Education too, and we’ve also met with the principal, which might sound insane given that our daughter is only 18 months old, but when one plans to take one’s child out of mainstream education before she has even begun, one must be completely comfortable and invested in the process. If Miss M goes to Steiner, she will not attend “preschool” until she is four and a half, nor start primary school until she is seven. She will not learn to read until a little later than that. She will have the same teacher from the age of seven until thirteen… Yup. Hence there is a lot of thought and research involved!

I am also becoming more aware of the potential long-term consequences of this decision for me personally, an aspect of the discussion that had not previously occurred to me. Miss M will be here at home with me until she is four and a half, and then at “preschool” just three days a week until she is seven years old. I will be a stay at home mum well into my forties, and where does that leave my career aspirations?? So much to think about!!!


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