Mindful Visualisation

The idea of a vision board is to collect pictures that inspire you and which represent how you would like your life to be, make them into a collage, and then to look at it often…and it will happen! I’ve heard a lot about vision boards but I’ve never felt much inspired to start cutting up magazines and pasting things onto cardboard – way too messy and time-consuming for this mama! However, I recently read a great article about vision boards in the March issue of Prevention magazine and it occured to me that I could make one using Pinterest. It’s all about visualising your goals and I figure this might be a fun way of thinking through ideas that will help me achieve a more mindful and fulfilling existance in all aspects of my life, now and going forward – marriage, motherhood, career, spirituality and health (in no particular order). I’ll be able to add to my Pinterest vision board at any time and it can also be printed off and made into my laptop screensaver – perfect!

Pinterest is invite only and I’m just waiting for my personal account to invite my bloggy persona 😉 Shouldn’t take long and I’ll be up and pinning. If you’ve made a vision board I’d love to see it, please feel free to link up in the comments. I’ll be building mine in coming weeks and will update here. If you would like to build your own  Pinterest vision board let me know, and I’ll invite you too!


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