Through the eyes of my daughter

I’ve ploughed ahead with the first chapters of Sarah Napthali’s Buddhism for Mothers in the last couple of days and already I notice a difference in my daily life! Best of all has been the reminder to really look at my daughter, and be in the moment with her, see things the way she sees them. Sometimes when I hear her wake from her afternoon nap I’m guilty of thinking,”oh god no, not already…”. If I lay her down with that attitude, of course we’re not going to have a positive start to the rest of the day when she wakes. I know such feelings are normal at times and I shouldn’t beat myself up about them, but at the same time, allowing them to take control of my thinking just isn’t constructive. And after all, she is wonderful, and all of life is just wonderful to her –  I don’t want to miss that in her, and when I take a step back and really look at her, my mood can’t help but lift!

This morning we went for a long walk by the ocean. Everything takes more than twice as long with an almost two year old, but hey, what’s the rush! Watching her pick up leaves and stones and listening to her chattering away and giggling is such a joy. The world viewed through her eyes is very simple and if I’m mindful to take a leaf out of her book and just stay in the moment with her, all of life just seems simpler to me too.


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  1. Natural New Age Mum | Reply

    I need to read that book!! Mine are older now, but it’s still all in the attitude. 🙂

    1. Hi Sonia, Sarah Napthali has written 3 books, I’m just on the first. I think it’s relevant to all ages of kids, I imagine so anyway – I am reading about anger and frustration today, which I’m guessing doesn’t stop when the kids get a bit older? 😉 But there’s also “Buddhism for Mothers of Young Children” followed by “Buddhism for Mothers of Schoolchildren” if you fancy! I have the 3 in 1, it’s called “The Complete Buddhism for Mothers”. Everything she has said so far really resonates with me, it’s wonderful. I’m not the only one who feels frustrated and resentful sometimes! And there is hope!! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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