Glucose Test Intolerance

I don’t know if I’m intolerant to glucose but I do know I’m intolerant to the glucose intolerance test! At about 26-28 weeks, pregnant women in NSW (I don’t know about other states) are given the wonderful opportunity to see if they have gestational diabetes. With sincerity I say thank you Medical Science. However, a small minority of women react like I did this morning – 40 minutes in to the 2 hour test, I almost fainted, and then vomited the nasty green glucose drink on the floor and in my hair oh and a little bit in the sick bag. Given that during my last pregnancy I actually passed out cold during the same test, I am not going back for more. I will be seeing the midwife on Wednesday to discuss a plan of action. It is so very unlikely that I have gestational diabetes and even if that were the case, all that could be done is start a special diet. So my idea is to get the diet sheets to be on the safe side and not do any more fasting, blood-giving, fainting or vomiting for the foreseeable. Seems a reasonable decision to me!

One could become rather resentful of one’s husband when things like this happen during pregnancy, if one were to allow such negative emotion to take hold…I am off into the sunny garden with a nice cup of fruit tea and Buddhism for Mothers while the house is empty, do some work on myself. And perhaps also remind myself that the reason I have a peaceful, empty home is because my husband is out with my daughter giving me a break 🙂

27 weeks…onward and upward!!


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