32 weeks & counting!

32 weeks! Can’t believe it! I’ve been feeling like this pregnancy has gone on FOREVER but all of a sudden things seem to be speeding up! Living in Regional Australia where we do, one of the milestones of pregnancy is getting to 35 weeks, because if the baby wants to come before that you have to be airlifted out to a hospital about 5 hours drive away as there are no NICU facilities here for babies born so soon. That, we do not want. But, that is now less than 3 weeks away. Then one week after that I have an appointment with my lovely obstetrician, and he will give me a date for my elective caesarean. He also delivered Miss M via caesar and I really like and trust him, so I feel very lucky that the cookie crumbled my way and I got him again (public healthcare doesn’t allow for choosing your OB). Based on the weeks I will be and the days Dr W operates, I’m thinking possibly 19th or 23rd November, which is only 6 or 7 weeks today. Woot!

(I’m deliberately not explaining / justifying my elective caesars. I’ve had quite a few unpleasant experiences discussing this topic (e.g. did I know I’m more likely to die, or have a hysterectomy? – this from a stranger who knew absolutely nothing about me!) and really, I do belive it is my own personal choice based on my OB’s recommendations, and nobody else’s business. I don’t know why some mothers feel the need to get all uppity and judgemental about other people’s birth decisions. I could write numerous posts about those who call for a “birthing revolution” and would wish to deny mothers like me Choice. I could also get quite fired up about people who have VBAC’d and believe the world should follow suit. However, I have learned that life is too short!).

I’m all organised except maternity pads (sorry yes yurgh, TMI), breast pads and nipple cream (ok all TMI really, apologies). Bought a car capsule and a cot mattress last week, everything else we already have from when Miss M was a baby. I’ve sorted out all Miss M’s baby clothes and all those I’ve been given by kind and lovely friends – my baby has a better wardrobe than me and she’s not even born yet! And I just now finished washing and hanging out a few onesies, singlets and wraps and will be packing a small bag at the weekend, just in case. This mama is ready to rock!!

Miss M is napping (at last) so I now have time for a browse through Chrissie Gallagher-Mundy’s Caesarian Recovery, which arrived this morning and looks fantastic. Accompanied by a nice big mug of English Breakfast tea and one (/two) of yesterday’s blueberry muffins, of course 🙂

Blogtoberfest 2012, 5/31


2 responses

  1. WooHOO! Great work, mama!
    Just wanted to respond to your question about the power of writing every day. I think, for me, it works on a number of levels. I’ve often heard it said that writing is a muscle you need to exercise often, and I’d agree with that! So it’s about having a daily writing practice. It keeps my “writing mind” nimble and loose, and it also keeps my “writer’s senses” alert for things to write about.
    The other good thing about writing every day, especially in a journal or blog, is that I become a little less attached to churning out anything that is polished or impressive. It’s more about limbering and playing and just keeping the flow.
    I’d highly recommend Julia Cameron’s The Artists Way if you’re keen to know more about this.
    Anne Lamott is also wonderful, especially her celebration of “shitty first drafts”, which I love!
    In general, I think the idea is: write badly, write often, get it out, super-glue your bum to the chair, but just write!! 🙂
    PS If I write every day, that makes me a writer, yeah?

  2. Cheers Kat interesting food for thought!! I guess this month I am a writer too then 😉 X

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