Encouragement should come from the inside

Kirri White posted this picture on her Facebook page today, and I love it. In my less joyful moments as a stay at home mum I sometimes find myself getting a bit  very resentful at the lack of recognition I get for everything I do. It’s not like I want constant thanks, but it would just be nice to feel like somebody noticed! (Holy crap someone please tell me I don’t sound like my mother?!). But the usual applies – folks tend only to notice when the stuff doesn’t get done. At least that’s how it feels now and then, particularly at times like now when the raging hormones are rife in this pregnant mama’s tired ol’ bod!

The reality is that I know my husband loves me and does appreciate everything I do, and it’s a bit unfair of me to expect a cheerleading squad style greeting from him as soon as he comes in the door every evening. He more often shows his love and appreciation in his actions, not his words, is all, but sometimes I can’t see that because I’ve gotten all twisty about things during a long day at the toddler coal face.

And at the end of the day the truth of the matter is, a little bit of self-reliance goes a long way in the life of a SAHM and that’s no bad thing. I am responsible for my own happiness and that means learning to celebrate, compliment and encourage myself when I need it, instead of hanging around getting resentful because nobody is telling me I’m the world’s greatest mother and homemaker every night of the week.

I will try and remember this little Truth when my husband gets home this evening 😉

Blogtoberfest 2012, 6/31


2 responses

  1. Many men express their love and appreciation in actions rather than words. My own husband is like that. I think also that it is important to remember that as a parent to young children everyday is filled with wonderful fantastic moments and truly dreadful moments when you wish you could run away to Byron Bay and never come back.
    All the very best of luck with your pregnancy.

    1. Very true! Byron quite close to here though – I’d rather run a lot further on occasion 😉 Thanks for pregnancy wishes 🙂

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