Elective Caesarean Judgement

Choosing to have my first caesarean section was a tough decision. Choosing to have this one is the hardest decision I have ever had to make. It’s my life, and my baby’s life! Don’t demand that I explain myself to you. Don’t use me to validate your own life and choices or make yourself feel good. Get a bloody grip and keep your opinions & judgement to yourself!

Sometimes one of the hardest parts of motherhood is other mothers. It shouldn’t be this way. Usually I let it slide but it’s hard when I’m this pregnant and so close to meeting my little girl and feeling so excited about it all…and I go for a picnic in the park and face a barrage of questions from people I don’t even know. Why can’t people just live and let live??

Next time someone tells you they’re having a c-section, unless they volunteer further information, a word of advice – don’t say “why are you having one? why did you have the last one? is this baby also breach? can’t you try for a natural birth? don’t you want to?” It’s none of your #%^@**#  business!!

Blogtoberfest 2012, 17/31


2 responses

  1. Pam, I just want to share this quote I came across which also expresses a similar vein of thought as you…

    “…more and more i feel like where and how we birth is just another way to divide mothers against mothers. i have many friends who have had c-sections and feel guilty that they never labored, many friends who had their babies in in their living rooms. is one superior to the other? not a chance. both stay up nights on end comforting a sick child, wipe away tears, give every bit of their resources and energy to make their little ones feel like the most important thing in the world.” {www.thelittlestblog.com}

    1. Hi Serene, thanks for that. I agree with the quote (although personally I don’t feel any guilt about not having laboured). I just don’t understand people sometimes. Well, I do…I think it stems from their own insecurities, need to bloster their own egos etc….but in the moment it is sometimes hard to take a step back and get all nice and Mindful about it. I am over it now, I was just pretty upset when I got home, in a way that only a heavily pregnant person can be 😉 Fortunately I have a lot of lovely mummy friends who jumped in with messages of support when I shared similar (only with stronger langauge lol) on my personal Facebook page. Tomorrow is a new day X

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