Grateful for…little moments

This week I’m taking the grateful “prompt” directly from Maxabella. Little moments are so important not only in themselves but because when we focus on them, the bigger, harder stuff doesn’t seem so overwhelming or difficult. I feel so fortunate in that I get a lot of one on one time with my daughter – well, ok, by the time her Papa gets home from work I am quite happy not to be having any more one on one with her but all SAHMs will know that feeling I am sure! And sometimes I might get a little bit very bored of playing trains or tea parties, most certainly. But we go out a lot too and I get enough adult conversation most days, and I get so many precious little moments with her, just watching her grow and blossom as we meander through our daily stuff. I am so very grateful for those.

It’s been almost two weeks since we ditched the telly. I feel like I’m spending so much more time really focussing on Miss M, and I’m enjoying it. It’s nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be, in fact it’s not hard at all now I’ve adjusted to it. I feel so much more relaxed because my down time or cooking time or chore time isn’t restricted by how long her focus will last on Playschool or Sesame Street; and I don’t have that nagging guilt bugging me any more. Plus I don’t know if it’s coincidence and just the developmental stage she’s at, or the effect of no TV, but she’s talking much more all of a sudden and her concentration span for independent play has increased substantially. I’m still able to get chores and cooking done, and even sit down and read a book for 20-30 minutes a couple of times a day! The timing seems great too as in just five weeks her little sister will be here, so I get to make the very most of the days Miss M and I have left just the two of us, while at the same time she’s learning ways to occupy herself for longer stretches – which we’ll all need her to do when the new baby arrives and rocks our little world!

So yes, I’m making the most of all the little moments and being grateful for them. And when things aren’t going so well, I’m tired and grumpy, or she is…I try and be Mindful, and bring it back to the small stuff of the moment, because it is so often the case that these little moments really are the most precious ones.

This post is part of the 52 Weeks of Grateful link-up hosted by Maxabella Loves


Blogtoberfest 2012, 19/31


7 responses

  1. I’m really impressed with how smoothly you gave up the teev, Pam. That’s a massively good thing to do and I’ll bet her new interactiveness is the direct result (depends on ow much tele she was watching, I guess). Keep enjoying those ‘little moments’! x

    1. She was watching up to 2 hours a day on weekdays most recently, which I believe to be too much – just my opinion, I get not everyone will agree! It is surprising how quickly those 20-30 minute slots build up. I have to confess that after a 5am wakeup this morning following a rough night of back pain, hip pain and weird pregnancy dreams, if it had been there I would have turned the telly on by 10am LOL. But, we found another way and now my munchkin is sleeping. Silence is golden! 🙂

  2. Silence is golden…but so is that toddler chatter
    I flirt with ditching the box but only that!

  3. welcome to grateful – i am also impressed about the tv. our use has got out of control and i am going to use our upcoming trip to reboot so to speak – we will be gone for almost 6 weeks so tv will be limited to when we are visiting my mother most likely (a small window of the trip) when we return i will set new boundaries i think…
    Deb @ home life simplified

    1. Hi Debs, thanks for stopping by. I found that it was frighteningly easy to let the TV time escalate, and it really became quite a crutch for me. Your plan to wean slowly while on hols sounds great! Good luck and have fab hols 🙂

  4. excuse my “welcome to grateful” LOL – i took your comment to mean you were doing it for the first time – not sure how i have missed your posts – i am not even pregnant to use that preggy brain excuse -glad i found your blog though as reading through your posts now!

    1. Lol no worries, it is always nice to be made to feel welcome! I’ve actually only been back doing 52 for a couple of weeks after hooking in earlier in the year, as I had a bit of a blogging hiatus until I got into Blogtoberfest, which I am enjoying immensely – finding lots of new blogs and meeting some lovely people 🙂

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