Mr Kipling Saves the Day

‎”Close your eyes, mummy! Close your eyes!” – what so you can poke me in the eye again?! “I going in here and I close the door, mummy” – no, you’re not going to play with the toilet brush again, what do you take me for? “Poo poo, mummy! Poo poo!!” …where??!!  Ohhhh but I am exhausted! 35 weeks today, B-day three  or four weeks tomorrow, which means husband on hols from two or three weeks on Saturday. BRING IT ON!!!

Exhausted laughter had turned to tears by this afternoon for both me and Miss M, however. Fortunately her Papa was able to get home a little early and he sent me to bed with a book, to which I added a large mug of Twinings Prince of Wales tea and two Mr Kiplings mince pies while he took Miss M outside to water the garden. First mince pies of the season! Still feels all out of whack despite that it will be our third christmas in the sun, I just don’t get that chrissy vibe out here – but yeah, for medicinal purposes they were most effective today!

Meditation update: started the day with my five minutes as I was awake looooong before anyone else (*sigh*). Husband came in to find me crossed-legged, palms upturned on my knees, eyes closed. “Oh. My. God”, says he, “What are you doing??”. He’ll get used to it – and be very glad of the benefits in time, I am sure!

Blogtoberfest 2012, 25/31


2 responses

  1. Natural New Age Mum | Reply

    I thought this was going to be about Rudyard Kipling and The Jungle Book !! Ha Ha!! the other Mr Kipling is good too. I loooooove mince pies, but have gone GF this year, so better look for an alternative! I love doing my meditation, but need to do it more often. 🙂

    1. Did you think I’d cracked and unpacked the telly to watch a Disney movie? 😉
      (Almost, but not quite, lol)

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