Happy birthday, blog! How would you feel if I flogged you a lil bit?

In a few short days The Mindful Mum will be one year old – happy first birthday, blog of mine!! I didn’t think you’d last this long, nor that I’d like having you as much as I do. Nor that I’d meet so many lovely, insightful, helpful and inspiring bloggers along the way. Blogging has been such a great experience for me on so many levels!

After a fast paced 2k with the double buggy this lunchtime, I was forced inside by the rain. On finding Miss M still awake – oh, the horror! – I went into a slight trance while pacing the double buggy up and down the lounge room in a desperate attempt to make her nap. I was thinking about having completed one whole year of blogging, and ended up mulling over the idea of trying to make some useful free stuff / lil bit of cash out of my blog. After 15 minutes of trotting around the coffee table and toys, Miss M was asleep and I was thinking hard. Both girls are now asleep but not for long I am sure, so having quickly eaten some lunch (french green lentil cottage pie with rocket salad, nom nom!) I am just going to do a quick brain dump here and see what comes out!

I’m really not sure where I stand on sponsored posts. I have unsubscribed from several blogs in recent months because they seemed to be just flogging stuff all the time and I missed their regular posts. I remember one week I got about four posts in my inbox telling me how important and wonderful life insurance is, especially if I went with this one particular broker, and each one ended with an almost identical line saying it was all the blogger’s own opinion etc etc. Each to their own and more power to you, but that’s not for me.

I would limit the number of posts dedicated to any kind of “monetization”. One blog I liked a lot seems to only write sponsored or giveaway posts now and that’s not the direction I want to head in. Although again, more power to them 🙂

I don’t expect to make wads of cash but it would certainly be nice to make enough to buy books with now and then (I am always wanting to add to my stash of household management and organisation tomes – I feel so good and organised when I purchase them and they look so nice on my shelves!). So I’m thinking about the affiliate route, starting with Amazon or Book Depository. Maybe some ebook affiliations too, I’ve seen a few around.

I would also quite like some useful free stuff! Who wouldn’t? Come on, be honest! 😉 I had a very lucky year in the giveaway stakes in 2012 and won heaps of prizes, mostly from other blogs. I only enter for things I’d really like to win and it’s generally things for the home or for my girls, or stuff like toiletries and sunscreen that are useful for all the family. Oh and I’ve won several books for me, which was lovely! I’m told that you don’t necessarily need to be a big blog in order to “connect” with brands so maybe it’s something I could look into. I’d want to keep it relevant though e.g. we don’t play computer games and I’m not into certain kinds of toys and dolls. I’d be steering clear of anything that’s not within my value system or lifestyle.

Of course I’d need more exposure and more traffic to do any of the above. I’d have to flog my blog. So I’d definitely need a Facebook page for The Mindful Mum and therein lies part of my dilemma. Firstly, I’m not sure I’m ready to “out” my blog to all my friends and family, as only a select few know that I blether about my life and random thoughts on the internet and although I’m not yet sure, I think if I had a page it would be known to those who are my friends on my personal page? Secondly, I’m not sure I want to be spending more time on Facebook.


OK, my time is up!

I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic, either as a blogger or reader of blogs, or both! Thank you 🙂


5 responses

  1. Bloggers can make money on a free yourblogaddresshere.wordpress.com blog? How does that work? Are you referring to self-marketing/-promoting blogs? I thought WordPress prohibited advertisements other than the blog owners own product/service. All of the blogs I follow here are virtually ad free. Once in a while I see a little ad at the bottom, but I was under the impression that WordPress put the ads there. I am newer to blogging, and I haven’t really looked into how to expand my blog. I just write. Please share what you learn.

    1. Hello! My understanding is that yes it is very possible and perfectly ok to make money on a wordpress blog. Perhaps you can’t openly sell products, am not sure, but I know several blogs that at least run Rafflecopter (random number) giveaways and also do sponsored posts (companies pay them to write about their products). It’s also possible to become an Amazon Associate with a wordpress blog as I did that before on a short-lived previous blog (I made 1.80GBP lol). The ads you see at the bottom are put there by wordpress, yes. You can upgrade to have those removed but I think most people choose to self host a .com or similar if they decide to go that step further. Really I am just learning myself. Someone tweeted me a great link about ways to expand your blog the other day, I will tweet it to you and if I do take it further – still undecided – I will share how I do it 🙂 x

      1. Oh, thank you, Mindful Mum! My intention is to share my writing, but to make a little of my living while doing so is WONDROUS!

  2. Hi Pam,
    Firstly, have been keeping up with your posts for a while but generally on my phone which is not quite conducive to leaving comments, but just wanted to say I’ve been loving them!
    I think my views on sponsored posts / making money off my own blog are similar to yours. I quite enjoy running a little giveaway or writing a review on my blog every now and then, but I really don’t enjoy reading blogs that post nothing BUT sponsored content, so I think there needs to be a balance and it obviously needs to be relevant for the reader and the blog’s tone. I’ve wondered about Facebook myself but like you, I don’t particularly want my blog “out there” for people I know to potentially see. Although really, it’s there on the net if they look hard enough to find it! Hahaha.
    I’ve found Twitter to be quite useful in linking up with PR companies, and you could also try joining up with the Social Callout website, it hooks up brands with bloggers by posting opportunities like job ads.
    Sorry, long comment!

    1. Hi Janelle, thanks for lovely comment about The Mindful Mum, lovely to hear 🙂 Thanks also for sharing your thoughts about blog monetisation. I’ve since found out that there is an option when setting up a Facebook page that allows you to remain anonymous, so I might have a crack at it and see how it goes timewise, and see if I enjoy doing it (obv). Thanks v much for Twitter tip, I will look into it, I guess you just find them and they Tweet opportunties? Social Callout emailed me a while ago which is part of what got me thinking as I had filed it and came across it again the other day. I think I’m going to see what happens over the next several months with the blog and possibly associated Facebook page and then decide what, if anything, I want to do next. Meantime I’ll keep entering all the other lovely blog comps 🙂 X

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