I’m grateful 4/52

I’m sitting here feeling grateful that it’s not as blindingly hot as it has been, while also waiting for ex-tropical cyclone Oswald to come through the Mid North Coast. So, mixed feelings this afternoon!

I’m grateful that both my babies are napping right now, because it’s perfect weather for getting a bit of cabin fever, and two-year olds are not good with cabin fever. Nor are the parents of two-year olds.

I’m grateful we’re on a hill and so not at risk of flooding. Grateful that we are prepared – big shop done yesterday so we’re not going to run out of food while we wait it out!

I’m grateful that today is my husband’s day off and we’re all together while it’s going on. I know that we’re at low risk of major incident here at home, but since watching the Queensland floods on TV two years ago, I have become quite frightened of weather like this. I really realised how powerful Mother Nature is and how we tiny humans are in many cases so powerless against Her. I’m now working on not passing my fears onto my girls, and instead I plan to instill within them a healthy respect for their country’s climate and weather.

I’m still so very grateful that I get to bring my kids up in this wonderful country though, despite the extremes. When I think that in the UK you can sit under grey and rainy skies like this for months on end, well, I don’t know how I’d go bringing kids up over there, I’m bonkers enough as it is – a touch of SAD would tip me over the edge!

I’m linking in with 52 Weeks of Grateful hosted by Maxabella


17 responses

  1. I hope you stay safe!

    1. Thanks. We are together and ready, and hopefully it’s losing force even as I type 🙂

  2. Hey Pam – good luck with the weather, I hope it doesn’t hit you too hard!

    1. Thanks Sharon. Staying home and dry. About to wake toddler, first need to decide on further fabulous wet weather activity to keep her entertained. I am thinking painting – Papa can be in charge, I must go nurse the baby somewhere quiet, with something nice to watch on the iViewer 😉

      1. Lol, that’s the way to do it. I’m lucky enough that I have a 4yo who could watch TV the entire day! Not that I let her do that, but I could if need be! 😉

        1. Knowing that you could must be comforting in itself 😉

  3. We’ve just been for a drive around to see what’s happened overnight, lots of debris especially on the waterfront. Stay safe Pam 🙂

    1. Thanks Lisa. It’s all over, Oswald skipped us and we were unaffected by the storm except for cabin fever, which was righted today with a play gym class for Miss M and lunch at the Surf Club after for us all 🙂
      Thoughts with those who have been so horribly impacted. Can’t believe it’s all happened twice in as many years to some poor people 😦

  4. The weather is crazy at the moment isn’t it?! Good luck 🙂

    1. Crazy indeed! All good here thanks x

  5. Take care and stay safe! I get scared of the extreme weather like that too, but sounds like you are well-prepared and wonderful that you are all together xx

    1. Thanks Elisa. We are all good, it didn’t happen here after all. Town 90k up the coast was evacuated today though. This is a crazy country. Thinking of those that have been affected, can’t imagine how scary it must be x

  6. I’m grateful to read that you’re all safe and sound, and happily grateful.

  7. The weather’s been nuts, it has to be said. But I well remember those grey old London skies and I’m just glad that we know that SOON our clouds will break. x

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