Listmania #2: My Current Season

Currently, we are enjoying our Summer here on the Mid North Coast.

My Summer hates / lows:

  • It gets too bloody hot! Anything over about 30 degrees and I start to lose the plot; I’d so love to do more walks with the girls but it’s just been too hot and humid to bear it or be sun safe, especially with the baby being so small. Looking forward to term starting again, as while neither of the girls is in daycare, we will get our scheduled activities back, some of which are in places with beloved aircon. I never minded the heat when I was child-free. I didn’t mind it so much when I had one baby. Now, with two children, it’s making me into a crazy person – roll on Autumn!
  • It’s very light in the morning, which I love in principle but it does mean that Miss M wakes very early. I’ve been trying to beat her so I get some alone time of a morning, but she’s never far behind me, if not before me!
  • Bit of a wet spell going on at the moment. I am not much into cyclones of any category – ex or not, just the thought of one coming freaks me out. But, today we have almost clear skies, and Oswald has skipped us. Very thankful. And my thoughts are with those who have been so badly affected, some of them for the second time in as many years.

My Summer loves / highs:

  • My Summer Baby, obviously – Miss A born end of November 🙂
  • Blue skies and sunshine make me smile
  • It’s not cold – yay, I hate the cold! (yes, and the heat….fusspot!)
  • Fabulous seasonal produce e.g blueberries
  • Less washing because we wear less clothes, or in Miss M’s case, mostly none at all – my little streaker!

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8 responses

  1. homelifesimplified | Reply

    I also love the reduction in washing – smaller clothes and less of them woo hoo

    1. Just gone thru all the comments and seems the less washing in summer grateful is something all the mums agree on 🙂

  2. I love how you have a baby, I remember putting a mini pop up pool in the family room to keep my girls cool (before carpet) when they were little in the summer before we got air-conditioning , or fill up the bath and watch them play in it. xx

    1. Those sound like lovely memories 🙂 Thanks for visiting The Mindful Mum! X

  3. Oh yes less clothes is great!
    We have roller shutters on all the bedroom windows (got them put in as soon as we moved it) – so that gets rid of the early wakings! But it does mean we often have to wake the kids up!

    1. Oh I DREAM of my daughters sleeping so long I have to wake them up in the morning 😀

  4. Love less washing – sounds like a great reason to like summer !!!
    Have a great week.
    #Listmania visitor

    1. Hello Me! Thanks for stopping by. I had a hellish week lol but thanks for asking – hope yours was better than mine! Excited to see what this week’s Listmania prompts are, I haven’t looked yet 🙂

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