Listmania #3: Crushes Then & Now

This week’s Listmania prompt is, who was your biggest or most embarrassing crush? Who makes your heart go crazy these days (or is at least easy on the eyes)?

My list is very short! And easy, as the answer is one and the same to both questions: Jon Bon Jovi. Back in the 80’s, now, always and forever!

And I’m not embarrassed in the least 🙂

jon80s{photo credit:


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Linking in with Deb at Home Life Simplified for Listmania

16 responses

  1. homelifesimplified | Reply

    I loved his music in the 80s and i think he is so hot these days – i did not like the movie New Year’s Eve (or whatever it was called) but he stood out – deb xx

    1. Acting is not his greatest talent, it has to be said!
      I still listen to Bon Jovi very regularly when I’m out pounding pavements trying to get rid of the baby weight, old and new stuff. Never fails to make me smile 😉

  2. Hi Pam – I just had to be nosy and check out who your crush was 🙂

    1. Lol. It was a very easy choice, no thought required 🙂

  3. Natural New Age Mum | Reply

    so many people I know love Jon Bon !! the attraction must have passed me by in highschool…. but I was in love with Martin Plaza from Mental as Anything!

    1. Just googled sorry hun he’s not a patch on my Jon 🙂

      1. Natural New Age Mum | Reply

        he’s probably pushing 60 now !! ha ha

        1. JBJ born 1962. He has aged better than yer man, it must be said 🙂

          1. Natural New Age Mum

            too much sex, drugs and rock n roll

          2. Yeah Jon is a bit squeaky it has to be said. As in clean. Not vocally. Christ I need to go to bed!! I gotta say, Bon Jovi are a bit of a machine these days, have been for a while. They keep churning albums out and often it all sounds pretty same-ey. However, I forgive that, and my love is eternal 🙂 I am now off to bed, doubtless I will dream well. lol

  4. I share the same birthday as Jon Bon Jovi so there!!!!!! 😉

    1. Ah, a sacred day 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I love his music but as for his looks, not for me! I think though he looks better as he has gotten older!! Jumped over from Listmania

    1. Each to their own 😉 Thanks for visiting The Mindful Mum!

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