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Just Slow Down

My c-section recovery is going remarkably well but I still ache quite a bit and have to take it relatively easy. It’s hard not to do too much – I’m impatient! In my head I’m more than ready for long walks, mega household organisation and de-cluttering, marathon cooking sessions in preparation for my husband returning to work (how does one prepare food with a tiny baby and a toddler underfoot?! I will soon see…or not!). However, my body still has other ideas. I need to lower my expectations a little with regard to the home and cut myself some slack in other areas.  I’ve done a few 2km walks and I do pay for it afterward. But it’s manageable, and it makes a world of difference to my outlook when I get out there and smell the salty air and watch the waves crashing on the shore. When I’m down by the water, I feel calm and centred. It’s so good for me. The rest of the time I guess I’m just a bit wired and frustrated with my current physical limitations! So, this morning was a good time to find the Mudita Institute for Mindfulness Training & Ayurvedic Medicine‘s shared picture, shown below. It’s time to slow down, mama!

doko slow down

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