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9am on the East Coast

A Grand Adventure

I love entering competitions,I love to travel and I love to blog, so when this travel-themed blog comp hosted by moneysupermarket.com  came up, I just couldn’t resist having a go!

What’s my dream grand adventure right now? I want to take my family backpacking in Southeast Asia! I’m Scottish and my German husband and I met while backpacking in Australia, where we now live. We have both travelled pretty extensively in Southeast Asia, individually and last time as a couple on our extended 7 month honeymoon in 2009, which included Burma, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia. We both LOVE travelling and we’re not about to let the fact that we now have two little daughters stop us! We know it won’t be quite the same as before – doubtless we shall face many new and exciting challenges as parents – but we also know for sure that it’s still possible, and we can’t wait to share the world with our girls. What better education can there be? And how much fun we are going to have!!


Somewhere in Thailand, can’t remember where, so many beautiful beaches!

They are still very small and at the time we plan to go they will be just under 2 years and 4 years. We’ve never travelled overseas with little people before, so we want to keep it quite simple for this first trip. We’ll travel from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur or vice versa. That will be our epic activity – the whole distance overland with two littlies, by as cheap a means as possible in order to stretch the cash as far as possible. We’ve always travelled budget and with the locals, and we know how to keep the costs down. There’ll be buses and overnight trains, which will be a great adventure for the girls. We’ll visit some islands for the scuba diving (special expenditure!) and snorkeling, and fit in heaps of beach time and temples. Best of all, the food!! I can’t wait to introduce my girls to the fabulous Thai and Malay street hawker tastes, sights and sounds – and of course that’s cheap food, which will help us to keep the budget in check. We’ll take in Melaka, Pengang, the Perhentian Islands (Besar is my favourite place in the world, can only hope it hasn’t changed too much!), Koh Phi Phi, Koh Pha-Ngam, crazy Bangkok…now I’m also thinking of Pai and Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand but that might have to wait until the next trip!

Perhentian Besar, Malaysia

Perhentian Besar, Malaysia

Just writing about it gets me so excited. Time for a little daydream with my old battered Southeast Asia on a Shoestring and a cuppa before the baby wakes up. I am so ready for our Grand Family Adventure. Bring it on!

Seeing beyond the Colorbond

I realised this morning that sometimes when I wake up and open the blinds, I only notice the hideous Colorbond fencing. Other mornings I see beyond the harsh, solid steel and take in the beautiful rainforest mountains in the distance, and the wide blue sky. It’s all a matter of perspective. This morning was a Colorbond morning. As I lay there feeling emotionally tired and overwhelmed before the day had even begun, I finally remembered that I have a choice. I can’t change our current circumstances but I can choose how I react to them. I can choose to try and see the rainforest and not the Colorbond.

I’m struggling a lot at the moment (I don’t mean to be mysterious, it’s just that our family business is not mine alone to share, it wouldn’t be right). There was a lot of conflict in our house last night and I realised this morning that the bigger picture is not going to change. We’re going to have to get through it as best we can. And I can choose how I do that. I can stop worrying and worrying  about what is going to happen in the weeks and months to come (and consequently not sleeping, which is not good for either me or the baby, especially so close to birth); and instead I can just stay in the present moment. Be Mindful. Make the most of the good little things, take it one day, if necessary one hour, at a time.

So, we went out very early to the markets, the three of us. There were delicious cupcakes and bratwurst for brunch, gorgeous fresh fruit and veg to bring home. We walked on the harbour wall, and then down on the beach. I watched my husband and Miss M chasing about in the shallows, and I focussed on that moment, and only that moment. The two people I love most in the world, laughing and smiling. I am making today a rainforest day, and when the Colorbond comes back I am going to take it one step at a time.

Blogtoberfest 2012, 28/31

Family First

Sun has gone down on a long day. Miss M has dropped her day nap it seems (day 3) and has also been unwell today; and we have important family stuff to discuss this evening. Blogging last on a loooong list, so for #23, in a spirit of optimism that I don’t quite (yet) feel:

Sun rising on a new day ~ Java, Indonesia

Blogtoberfest 2012, 23/31

Pre-baby mini trip

Blogtoberfest 2012, 15/31

Now & then it’s good to pause…

Two posts today as we’re going away for a couple of days, and while I don’t want to miss a Blogtoberfest post, I also don’t want to be messing about online during this precious family time before our new baby arrives. I guess I could write this, save it as a draft and then simply post it via my phone tomorrow, but I just don’t want the distraction. Possibly I am breaking some ‘fest rules? Well, I’m quite glad to see there’s still some of the old rebel left in me 😉 And besides:

This quote by Guillaume Apollinaire came up on my Facebook newsfeed this morning, another great share by Kirri White. I knew immediately that I wanted to share it here myself for tomorrow’s post. Because it is exactly what I am going to be doing 🙂

Blogtoberfest 2012, 14/31

Sunday is Family Day!

Blogtoberfest 2012, 7/31

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