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Menopausal Mama? Not Quite Yet!

So I went to the Women’s Health Centre this morning to sign up for beginner tai chi lessons starting at the end of this month, and while there I enquired (inquired?) about the waiting times for seeing a doc. I was told that the wait list was very long indeed but that I could certainly see a nurse for an hour on any Wednesday to talk about things, for example, the menopause…! She did mention a couple other things but I only heard this first one and I couldn’t hear anything else after that for the horror. I am only 37!! In one fell swoop my confidence was shattered with regard to both my looks and my ability to conceive a second child! Thanks very much, lady!

Fortunately I was cheered up later in the day upon seeing a regular GP who on hearing my concerns about getting pregnant again at this grand old age responded, “PAH!! If you have periods, you can get pregnant!” Well thank you, kind sir!

I am trying to deal with this morning’s crushing blow in a Buddhist manner i.e. not sending ill will into the universe and in particular toward that bloomin’ WHC receptionist. Tempting though it is!

Life continues to move at a hectic pace here but am making time for my Buddhist learning in small snatches and my goal is to keep writing this blog regularly as a tool for keeping focussed with regard to my mindfulness journey. To achieve this I am going to aim for 10 minute posts that will help to keep me on track and mindful of what is going on daily, rather than long, thoughtful prose at irregular intervals whenever I can make the time. I can see that I won’t be able to make that time, and I think short braindumps will be of more benefit to me. On that note, over and out for today!

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