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#reverb12 Day 26: How will you make time?

How very apt that today’s #reverb12 prompt should be about making time! When both my children are sleeping, as they are now, I feel I have a modicum of control over things. The rest of the time, not so much! I am told that things will get easier, and I know it is true, but right now I’m in the thick of it with a toddler and a breastfeeding five week old. My time is not my own to prioritse beyond making sure I eat properly. Sleeping is rather outwith my powers as I grab what I can between night feeds. As for “sleep when the baby sleeps” during the day, well that’s all very well until you have more than one child – and a burning desire for a little bit of time to yourself when a small miracle happens and they are both asleep at the same time!

{24 hours later}

How do you intend to carve out more time for the things that are the most important to you in 2013?

1, Get up 30 minutes before husband leaves for work regardless of who else is asleep so I have time to shower, dress, put on a load of washing and eat some cereal, so I can start the day in a better frame of mind to PLAY! Because my children are what’s most important to me and they need me to play with them, not be a frazzled, distracted wreck first thing.

2, Start expressing in about 8 weeks so that husband can be left alone with the baby as well as Miss M and I can get out on my own now and then – primarily so I can start running again. It’s really important to me that I start running again – so very good for my mental health and also I really want to lose the baby weight and get myself back in shape. One of my 2013 goals is to take part in our local running festival in September, either 10k or half marathon, and serious training will be required.

3, Whenever I chance to have both girls sleeping at the same time in the afternoon, after eating (always most important) I will take 30 minutes just to sit down and read a book or blog or sew or watch something on the iViewer instead of runninga round doing chores. It’s most important that I get some me time to avoid burnout  –  and just to stay smiling for my family!

4, Stop obsessively checking Facebook, so many hours are sucked away!!! There are so many other things that are more important to me. Facebook has become a bit of a bad habit – I so appreciate the connection during my SAHM day-to-day, but I don’t need quite so much, and that time can be much better spent. I intend to disconnect from social media more in 2013, because pretty much everything is more important than Facebook and Twitter!

And now, my time is up!

This post is part of #reverb12 hosted by Kat at I Saw You Dancing

Sewing & Well-being

It’s well researched and reported that sewing and other crafts are good for one’s mental health and general well-being (for example, this study: The Relationship Between Quilting and Wellbeing). The simple (or not so simple!) act of making the time, dedicating a bit of space in your life to doing something creative and satisfying of itself, something completely different from the often mundane tasks of daily life…it all contributes to a balanced, healthy life perspective. Simply being engrossed in the task of creating something with no distractions is a Mindful process, and Mindfulness – the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment, and accepting it without judgment – increases both mental and physical health, as outlined here.

I got my first sewing machine in April of last year and for about 8 months I taught myself and blogged my sewing antics here. Then I found I was still enjoying the sewing very much but I just couldn’t find the time to blog about it any more, so I wound up the blog and just kept going with the sewing. About six months ago, however, I found that without really realising it, the demands of my growing toddler and second pregnancy little by little encroached on my sewing time more and more, and it dwindled into nothing. I have missed it though – missed the time just spent doing something different, just for me, the whole process of pottering about with my sewing books and patterns and fabrics.

So, in a spirit of positivity and best intentions, I am creating a whole new “Sewing” blog category here and hope that come the new year I will be regularly posting something sewing-related. For this first post I am able to share a mug rug (pattern source here) that I started last Christmas and have finally finished this week (I’m choosing to call it early Christmas project completion rather than late 🙂 ); and a doll (pattern source here) that I’ve made in the last week or so as a present for my new baby girl who arrives on Friday. Time will be even shorter soon enough as there will be two little people to care for but I’m promising myself that I’ll somehow make the time to sew again. I know from experience that it’s so good for my mental health and general well-being to have that creative outlet and time out. I just need to perhaps get a little more creative about how I make that time!


World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day, a day dedicated to raising public awareness about mental health issues. The theme this year is “Depression: A Global Crisis”. According to the World Health Organisation, depression affects more than 350 million people of all ages worldwide. One million people in Australia are affected each year. Click here for more facts about depression from Lifeline, including links to other services that can assist.

Having depression is nothing to be ashamed about. Seeing a counsellor or psychologist is nothing to be ashamed about. Mental illhealth can affect anyone, from any background, and at any age. Isolation is dangerous. Ask a mate if they’re ok today X

Blogtoberfest 2012, 10/31


Today is RUOK Day. I’ve had quite a tiring week or so, been feeling a bit drained. Last week was pretty hectic with Miss M’s second birthday – although it was an awesome day! – and I’m still waiting for my Ferrograd C to kick it (found out at last midwife visit that I’m a bit aenemic). Plus Miss M had some sleep “issues” for a few nights running. On Tuesday morning I had one of those “moments” when motherhood feels like a never-ending living hell that simply cannot be endured for another second, but by some miracle I managed to keep it together by being mindful – focussing on the sounds of the breeze flowing through the leaves in the trees and the birds singing, instead of phoning husband at work to have a despairing rant (never constructive!). Although in all honesty am not so sure I would have managed to remain so composed had Miss M not FINALLY gone for her nap! 🙂 Anyways, so yeah, I’ve feeling a bit shall we say, fragile!

But, I had decided to just slow things down this week, not do all our usual running around, and by today I felt energetic enough to get down to the local growers market, which I love to do (Miss M a little less – there was some protest from the buggy, but can’t have everything!) and then we went to a friend’s house for a playdate and catchup. Sat in the sun, ate yummy food, and when she asked me RUOK? I was able to answer a very truthful, Yes, thank you!

Taking a step back and slowing the pace right down was the right choice for this week. I’ve also been doing a little nesting while spending more time at home, getting things organised bit by bit for the arrival of Miss M’s lil sis in 10 weeks max (caesar baby #2). Feeling good now. And very grateful for lovely husband and lovely friendships.

29 weeks today and counting!

Don’t forget to ask your friends if they’re OK today. We can each of us make a difference.

For 24 hour crisis support call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Out of the Shadows – World Suicide Prevention Day

Monday 10th September 2012 is World Suicide Prevention Day. Miss M, the bump and I joined a walk this beautiful Spring morning with Lifeline, to raise awareness of the fact that suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians under the age of 44. Lifeline believes most suicides are preventable and we all have a role to play. Please take a moment to visit Out of the Shadows. Thank you x

For 24 hour crisis support call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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