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My name is Pam, and I’m a bubble wrap hoarder

I am lucky enough to have what I used to call my Sewing Room, containing a table where the machine can stay set up, a large storage unit, iron and ironing board, and fabric / haberdashery storage tubs. As my pregnancy has progressed, however, it has become the Junk Room. I’ve not sewn in ages and everything just gets thrown in there when I’m tidying elsewhere in a hurry – out of sight out of mind! I started to store and sort things for the new baby in there too. That was all going great, separate boxes labelled newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and I even went through all my daughter’s wardrobe and boxed up everything she’s grown out of. I felt ever so organised and together. Then of course Miss M got in there and played havoc with it all. And we got her a single bed with all the associated linens and doona which piled up in there too while waiting to be built. And I started buying christmas wrap and cards which all got chucked on the table on top of Bounty bags, baby shower gift bags and presents that the new baby has bought for Miss M, and the (alas, many) story books that Miss M has ripped that I need to repair. And the ironing pile kept growing (and will never stop growing as I have now stopped ironing entirely). And my filing tray is fit to busting – I did have that Mission Control Centre that all the organiser books and websites suggest but it got buried under everything else months ago…

I am not sure if it’s hormonal nesting (am 37 weeks on Thursday) or just that I can’t bear not being able to find anything anymore, but this morning I got up and went a bit nuts with some long overdue decluttering. Having realised yesterday that I couldn’t find $43 worth of stamps that I bought just the other day, I was  certainly aware that something had to be done. However, I was not expecting to become suddenly possessed by some greater Force. In the space of an hour I had a giant bag of recycling, another big bin bag full of rubbish, and I could almost see the carpet. I got rid of all the bubble wrap I’ve been hoarding for future use and all the flyers and brochures I’ve been keeping from the Happiness Conference in March, that I’m realistically never going to get around to reading. I was ruthless – I even went in the unit and emerged with a whole bag of stuff that I know I am never going to get around to eBaying if I haven’t by this point, and sent it the Lifeline op shop with my husband before I had time to change my mind. I found keepsake family christmas cards in a filing tray from last year that I still haven’t put in the Precious Things box, that was a bit of a shocker given it’s only seven week to this christmas – oops! It’s also finally occurred to me that there is no point having an ironing pile if I don’t iron any more (can’t stand up for long enough any more, oh how wonderful to finally have an acceptable excuse for being creased all the time). So that can all be folded and put away and if people (hello husband!) want pristine, crease-free t shirts well they know where the iron lives.  Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh it feels good!!!

I’m not by nature a clutter-free super-organised person. I am sure that my child has a very good immune system as cleaning is not high on my list, especially now that physically I’m just not up for sweeping and mopping (again, how fantastic to have a good excuse!). My household management baseline at present is that we all eat good, healthy, unprocessed food as much as possible, and that the kitchen, bathroom and toilet are not health hazards. But I also detest not being able to find anything, ever. And I don’t like having drawers full of used bubble wrap, I think that is a bit weird. I don’t know if this morning has been about pregnancy nesting or not but I do know that I feel much lighter now, despite the fact that I am actually very, very heavy. I would love to be organised in all ways, all the time, but right now I have accepted it’s not going to happen. But if I can just get this room cleaned out, finish sorting the new baby’s clothes and wraps, get about six loads of washing done and write a new set of Things To Do lists, then I will feel in control again by this evening. Oh and I really must pack the hospital bag!!

Thanks to Home Life SimplifiedThe Organised Housewife, Slow Your Home and Planning With Kids for tips and inspiration on how to keep it all (just about) together. I have high hopes of entering 2013 with excellent plans and strategies for managing my family of soon-to-be-four! 

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