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9am on the East Coast


Australia Day Blues

I am not feeling very Zen today (whatever Zen is exactly). I was fine until just after morning tea, when we had agreed to go out, but husband took forever to get his arse in gear (or so it seemed to me) and then just when I thought we were finally about to leave the house he started faffing at the computer saying he needed to check which account to do shopping from. Why? Why must this always wait until we are at the front door?? And all downhill from there…

Oh, I am feeling all twisty inside!! Filled with simmering resentment and anger! A combination of PMS (curse these raging hormones), disappointment that period clearly imminent as we are in third TTC (Trying To Conceive) cycle,  and the fact that it has been raining for days on end have combined to turn me into the least mindful mum imaginable.

There was one brief break in the weather and I insisted we all get down to the ocean for a quick walk before I lost my mind completely, and that did help a bit. However, it occurs to me that perhaps I should have gone and done that by myself and cleared my head, as might have been wiser for all concerned, especially given the mad dash back to make sure we didn’t veer too far from the Miss M’s new routine, and my inability to respond nicely to any comment, however well-intentioned…

So, one step forward, two steps back on this journey of mine. Husband is cooking dinner tonight, which I possibly don’t deserve, given I did kind of demand it in ranting, shrill tones of which I am now ashamed…perhaps I can still make good though. I’m shut in my sewing room trying to regroup self. Helps to write it out.

And, breathe…

Tizzie Hall Day 5

This morning my daughter and I went for our morning walk at the much more civilised time of 8.30am. It’s taken a lot of heartache but I am delighted to report that it looks like Tizzie Hall  has indeed saved our sleep! Plus, I’m thriving on the new daily routine and I think Miss M is too. I only wish I hadn’t dismissed the idea of a strict routine for so long! She still wakes around 5.30am and cries a little, but she goes back to sleep by herself or plays until about 6.45am give or take a bit of squawking. To go from starting the day at 4am to this in less than a week, with the added bonus of no fights at nap time, is just wonderful!

Today we’ve had some distressing wider family issues, but because we started off with cuddles, a lovely walk by the ocean and a visit to the play park, I’ve been in a good frame of mind from the outset, so it’s all been manageable. My goal is to take Miss M for a morning walk by the ocean at least three times a week. She has a great time, and the benefits for me clearly go way beyond the physical. The ocean is there for the taking every single morning, it’s free and it makes me feel good. What better way to start the day!

Wake Up Call

My daughter is a very early riser. This morning she woke just before 5am and simply would not be persuaded that this hour is ungodly, so by 5.20 my husband had decamped to the spare room (his turn today) and I was trying to prise my eyes open while Miss M sat bolt upright on my tummy, thumb in mouth, swinging her little legs expectantly, waiting for this wonderful new day to begin. There are a so many mummy blogs and books in which women talk about grasping the early mornings with both hands and rejoicing in the extra hours in the day. I’ve made a couple of half-hearted attempts to do the same but in the end just figured that these women are a breed apart, and I will never be one of them. Usually I plonk Miss M in front of a DVD at this time, while I lie on the sofa lamenting my lot and praying that the day will soon come when she sleeps until some glorious hour, like say 7am. No more!!!  I peeled the cabbage leaves from my crop top (nobody tells you bad things can happen after you finish breastfeeding!),  got us both dressed, gave Miss M some milk and yogurt, and by 6.30am we were standing by the creek watching the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean. It is hard to feel resentful about being up very early in the morning when so much of the world is clearly up and at ’em already! The market stalls were setting up, the first stage of a triathalon event was underway and the path was buzzing with early morning walkers, yet still peaceful. The air smelled fresh and the day felt full of promise. I actually felt quite emotional – we live in such a beautiful part of the world, and watching the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean with my little girl in the calm of early morning, how could I not feel grateful and more than content? 4.4k later (thank you Cardio Trainer) we were back at the Surf Club ordering coffee before having a play on the beach. Instead of watching Disney, my daughter had met birds and dogs and people, felt the wind in her hair and shouted at the waves, and learned how to trap a leaf between her toes and carry it there. What better way to start a day in the life of a mindful mum?

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