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Stop the world, I need to get off!

Things have been moving a little fast around here in the past week or so. Had lovely family visiting from overseas and was able to be in the present moment almost every second, which was wonderful, and a lesson in itself. As soon as they left, however, all the things I’ve been putting off until after Christmas and New Year fun and January family visits were over are now screaming for attention and I am feeling a little out of sorts. A little mad. A little stressy!

Amongst other things, I am starting up a party planning business at the moment, a first for me and it’s quite full on! In addition, apparently, although my daughter is only 17 months old, I need to start visiting and vetting preschools and getting her on waiting lists for late 2013! We only just started our first proper playgroup (as opposed to mums group meets) today, and it’s quite hard to think practically about preschool so soon. It’s a Steiner playgroup, which is a whole other post or series of posts – more of that another time! Add to this all the paperwork that has been created by our recent transition from temporary to permanent residency – stamps in visas, a passport for my girly in her father’s nationality, Medicare, Centrelink, overseas pension plans… My Important Things To Do list feels rather unmanageable at the moment.

And of course, in the midst of all this, the house has got a bit out of control…I must replan and refocus or it will all go tits up!

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