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The other week while enjoying one of my favourite pastimes, browsing in the local second-hand bookstore, I idly picked up a book called Skinny Bitch: Bun in the Oven. I was intrigued by the title (successful marketing tactic indeed!), I thought it look like a no-nonsense guide to healthy eating during pregnancy, and it was only $7. So I bought it. Turns out it’s a hardcore treatise on veganism, with particular emphasis on its benefits in pregnancy – not what I was expecting! The style is very easy to read and very, very in your face. Some of it is not easy to take. Descriptions of slaughterhouse activity made me physically recoil. And even decaff is bad for me and my baby? No meat, eggs, fish, or dairy?? What the hell’s left?! “Fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and wholegrains!!!” is the oft repeated battle cry. I have always believed in the everything in moderation philosophy when it comes to food, with the exception of the usual things to avoid in pregnancy like salami (hot hungarian, oh how I have missed you!) and pate, soft cheese and so on. But this book has me all shook up! Vast amounts of detail referencing countless studies about all the horrible chemicals and hormones that are in almost everything we eat these days unless we’re very, very careful. I’m finding it hard to put it out of my mind.

I’m almost 8 months pregnant and so now is not the time to be making drastic dietary changes. But I have to confess, I am now very vegan-curious. Completely by accident! So, there are going to be a few gradual changes around here:

  1. No more white pasta or rice (we never eat white bread anyways so that’s a start).
  2. I meal plan and cook mostly from scratch already but from now on I’ll be introducing, if not vegan initially, then at the very least more vegetarian dinners into our diet. My daughter doesn’t eat meat anyway so it’s more than time I started properly investigating the alternatives.
  3. More shopping for fruit and veg at the local markets, of which there are many – we are so fortunate. Supermarket chain produce is over-priced anyway (and may I just say, “fresh food people”, my ass). We are on a tight budget but I’m happy to pay a little more for the things that really matter. And tofu is cheaper than meat anyway so we should make some savings there.


My husband is wary, but on board with these initial plans, and shall see how we go. Another rather unexpected turn of events for our little family! I’d be very interested to hear from any real-life vegan or similarly vegan-curious readers.

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