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Look in your heart…the end of Blogtoberfest ’12

From “Astrophil and Stella”, by Sir Philip Sidney (1554-1586)

I did it! 31 posts in 31 days! It’s been a great experience. I’ve found some fantastic new blogs to follow, and met some lovely people. Posting daily has also been a way of making sure I am taking some time out just for me, using my brain and entering another head space for a little while, which is a very healthy thing for a stay at home mum to do!

During this past month there have been some tough times, and I have been experiencing some very conflicting emotions. Some of my Blogtoberfest posts have referred to these difficulties. I’ve found that working through my thoughts so that I can get them into something semi-coherent for the purpose of my daily post has also had the side-effect of helping me to figure out what is going on in my heart and in my head. The quote pictured (link to source here) conveys what I am trying to say, although having read the sonnet itself, that’s not the intended meaning. I’m not agonising over finding the words to express what I’m feeling or searching for a writer’s muse. But I have found this past month that looking into my heart and writing has been extremely cathartic on the more difficult days.

I’ve always been a very sporadic blogger, but I have gained so much from my Blogtoberfest experience that I am inspired me to keep it up this time, for the above reasons and more. Primarily I want to make sure that I continue on my Mindful journey and my blog helps me to do that. Blogtoberfest has taught me that just the act of writing itself can be a positive, cathartic and rewarding experience too.

So, thank you very much to Kat at I Saw You Dancing for hosting the wonderful Blogtoberfest 2012. It’s been a blast!

Blogtoberfest 2012, 31/31

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