Grateful for…a healthy pregnancy

It’s been a busy day so this gratitude post will be short, but very heartfelt!

I went for my 33 week midwife appointment today, and all is progressing as it should, for which I am immensely grateful. I’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy to date, for which I am also ever so grateful. Of course there’s still a way to go, but I’m feeling good, all the indicators are great, and should anything not proceed according to plan, I know that I will receive the very best care. Living in a small place has its pros and cons with regard to public healthcare, but our small local hospital has the best maternity unit and the most wonderful midwives. I am very grateful to have had Miss M here and to be about to have this baby girl here, and not in some souless, impersonal Victorian era building back in the UK. The sun is still shining (love Daylight Savings!), my husband just got home, dinner is ready to go and all is well in my little world this evening. What’s not to be grateful for?!

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Blogtoberfest 2012, 9/31


4 responses

  1. Oh, congratulations! Glad to hear that all is going well.
    I had a high risk pregnancy with the twins and we would have to visit the docs every fortnight and every other fortnight, we had to have an ultra sound. Every week, we would whisper our words of thanks.

    1. Gosh that must have been tough Grace 😦
      Thank you for your wishes, and for stopping by. I am enjoying your blog and look forward to seeing more pictures of Indonesia!

  2. That’s wonderful news. So close now! x

    1. Cheers, yup not long at all 6 weeks tomorrow 🙂 🙂 🙂

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