Ommmmmmmmm….should the naan bread go in the freezer?

I am not very good at this meditation lark! Day 1 I really struggled to focus. “When your mind is like a crazy elephant trampling everywhere, what hope have you got of peace and contentment?”, said Sogyal Rinpoche on the first day of this year’s Happiness Conference in Sydney. I have an elephant or two in there I reckon! Day 2 was a little better, and I actually felt quite energised afterward. Days 3 and 4 did not happen. Monday is our Sunday due to my husband’s work. I usually have a very precious morning “off” and do some bits and bobs in town or meet a friend, and then in the afternoon we have more family time. Meditation was forgotten. Not very Mindful of me!! Yesterday was not a great day for a variety of reasons and between Miss M being sick in the morning, not napping in the afternoon and then some family issues to deal with into the evening, meditating was either not possible or last on the list.

Today I vowed to prioritse things better. After taking care of Miss M’s needs, meditation needs to come first if it is to work, I understand that. I was pleased that after 4 days with no nap, Miss M finally gave in and fell asleep on the way home from playgroup this morning. Instead of putting her to bed and then immediately rushing around hanging out laundry, tidying, and consulting to do lists or having a quick look at my Facebook, I laid her down and did my five minutes of meditation immediately. I am still struggling with my elephants! Somewhere I read that you’re supposed to let the clouds (thoughts) just pass on by, one by one, accepting them and letting them leave without pondering…I found myself wondering if the naan bread in the fridge is past its date, should it go in the freezer?, amongst other meaningful and most crucuial thoughts. Oh dear.

I do find that physically it feels good to let the tension leave my body and just breathe deeply, even for just those five minutes, so I guess that’s a start. However, I think I need a more structured approach than just sitting on my own with one eye on the book for the affirmations and one on the clock (can I seriously be only one minute 36 seconds in??!). So, I will complete these seven days and then start looking for some audio stuff – I think guided meditation would be better for me. But at least I’m on the path 🙂

Blogtoberfest 2012, 24/31


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  1. Being on the path is the journey. Please keep posting—you’re a mindful teacher too.

    1. Gosh I think not lol but cheers 😉 I am finding the posting is helping me on my path so my intention is to continue. That said, my new little girl will be here either 3 or 4 weeks on Friday so I imagine I may be posting with less frequency for a little while at least 🙂

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